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Comfortable, urban atmosphere meets fusion of wood-fired flavor...

We are a fast-casual and comfortable, BYOB, wood-fried restaurant that welcomes all. The dÖ wood-fired experience offers an urban, downtown feel, where rustic meets modern. The atmosphere is noted by patrons to be fresh, warm, and inviting.

A feast for the eyes, and stimulation of the senses, dÖ wood-fired is a place to enjoy simple pleasures and good times; friends sharing a meal, business deals and entertainment, team celebration, thrilling romantic interlude, or just a little me-time to indulge in amazing pizza. Everyday occasions are elevated through experiences, the changing seasons, moods & vibes.

Where Food, Friends, and Artistry Unite

Dave Caruso, Jon Painter, and Chris Martin are local guys…who really love food, friends, and atmosphere! We sought to bring people together through the purity, passion, rich flavor history, and art of wood-fired pizza. After all, pizza is not meant to be just eaten, it is meant to be shared, enjoyed, and celebrated, fostering real human connection, friendship, and togetherness. We think everyone should have a spot to escape to, a place that lets you create your own masterpiece, reconnect with friends, and recharge your soul. dÖ wood-fired was designed with all of this in mind and more. Amazing food... great atmosphere, shared with laughter and good times.

Pronounced /döugh/, dÖ wood-fired’s core value is giving people the creative power to have what they want at an affordable price. Our “no-charge“ for toppings takes people beyond the normal menu and into a whole new world with over 4 million combinations of wood-fired specialties. We love offering a cozy atmosphere where people talk to each other face-to-face. The restaurant was designed to promote genuine interactions and reflect our mission statement, “Bring People Together, and give them what they want”. The brand believes that People are the best thing that can happen to anyone. Paying homage to the way pizza was made 1,000’s years ago, dÖ wood-fired uses traditional wood-fired ovens hand built with an internal temperature of 800+ degrees to bake pizzas to perfection.

Crafted to Perfection: Elevating Flavors with the Finest Ingredients

Our secret is simple; start with the best ingredients available within the market, prepare them fresh daily with uncompromising standards and what we end up with is consistently great food that satisfies the most discriminating taste buds.


Whether you are looking to make a healthy option or treat yourself, we have you covered with only the best ingredients.

Our Specialties